Deadline for up to £25,000 via Prototype Fund ends 19 September

UK developers need to get cracking

Deadline for up to £25,000 via Prototype Fund ends 19 September
If you're a UK-based developer with an idea for a game or other interactive digital content, now's the time to get your application into the Prototype Fund.

Funded by European money and run by Abertay University, it can dish out grants of up to £25,000 to get your good idea into reality.

Building foundations

The program is more than just money, however.

As well as having a idea, you should be able to demonstrate a competitive advantage, as well as commercial viability and a route to turn your success into a long term business.

Successful companies will get expert advise as well as office space and equipment; at least for those local to Dundee. Companies based anywhere in the UK can apply however.

Applications for this round of the fund close at 5pm on 19 September so you'll want to be quick about it.

More details can be found at the Prototype Fund webpage, especially on the FAQ page.

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