Bastion and Blast-A-Way are the top-reviewed iPad games for August

Critically acclaimed

Bastion and Blast-A-Way are the top-reviewed iPad games for August
If you were wondering what the best-reviewed iPad games on the web last month were, here's the iPad Quality Index round-up for August to fill you in.

The iPad Quality Index boasts over 40,000 reviews from websites like 148Apps, Pocket Gamer, and IGN, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iPad title.

Blast from the past

Taking one of the best-loved Xbox Live Arcade games and squeezing it onto the iPad with some style, the developer of lush 2D action-RPG Bastion almost guaranteed itself the top spot in the iPad Qi game chart for August 2012 by default.

Down in second, Illusion Labs's Blast-A-Way successfully mixes head-scratching logical puzzles with a gorgeous 3D world and plenty of explosives.

In any other month, charming speedrun platformer Mikey Shorts might have expected to take top spot, but on this occasion it comes in a still-respectable third. Oh, darn that stiff competition.

At #6, meanwhile, is epic Zelda-esque adventure game Horn, which brings a beautiful 3D fantasy world and a rip-roaring plot to our August leaderboard.

Qi's Top 10 iPad games of August 2012



Qi rating Reviews
1  Bastion 9.6 6
2  Blast-A-Way 9.2 3
3  Mikey Shorts 9.0 13
4  McPixel 8.9 3
5  Cafe International 8.8 3
6  Horn 8.7 18
7  Organ Trail: Director's Cut 8.7 11
8  Wannabat Plus 8.7 4
9  Draw Breaker HD 8.7 3
10  Walking Dead: The Game 8.6 16

N.B. While we only display the average score to one decimal place, the list is generated to further significant figures. We just don't show them all.

And, naturally, this is a static graph based on live listings which are subject to constant change as new releases and reviews emerge.

In order to provide a regular marker of the critical zeitgeist, however, we will continue to round up the best of the iPad games released each month to provide the definitive Quality Index top ten.

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