Mobile debut has comparable ARPDAU to our PC games, says Aeria Europe

Scoring a 0.60 euros rate in Germany

Mobile debut has comparable ARPDAU to our PC games, says Aeria Europe
Aeria Games is one of the many free-to-play PC game companies switching to mobile.

Very different markets for sure, but the publisher is happy with the audience reaction to its debut Monster Paradise.

Taking a territory-focused approach, the German version of the monster training game hit #3 in the German App Store's game charts.

Downloads of the free-to-play game across iOS and Android were over 150,000 with a monetisation rate of around €0.60 per daily active user. Aeria says that's comparable to some of its PC games.

Over the border

"We are extremely encouraged by Monster Paradise's performance in Germany and plan much more activity in mobile games over the next few months," commented Aeria Europe's CEO Pascal Zuta.

"Aeria Europe has established itself as one of the top five players in the European F2P market over the past three years now our ambitions are to match that standing in the mobile market."

Next up in that plan will be the release of the French version of Monster Paradise, which is likely to be followed by the global release of fantasy card-trading game Immortalis later in 2012.
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