YouWeb founder Peter Relan opens the doors to entrepreneurial debate at Founders Quorum

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YouWeb founder Peter Relan opens the doors to entrepreneurial debate at Founders Quorum
Peter Relan has had his entrepreneurial fingers in every IT business cycle pie since the days of the original IBM PC.

Successfully riding the internet, social networking and now mobile computing waves, he's now spreading his expertise via his YouWeb incubator.

This accepts highly motivated and skilled individuals (not teams), giving them the freedom and the opportunity to come with something new and potentially big in the mobile technology space.

Working progress

So far, it's working pretty well, generating companies such as OpenFeint, CrowdStar, Agawi and Spaceport. Still, Relan want to do more.

"We get loads of applications. Far too many to handle," he explains.

That's why he's started up his own weekly brain dump.

Idea thing

Called Founder Quorum, the idea is that Relan will answer some of the key questions that wannabe entrepreneurs are asking him, as well as digging down into his own industry expertise for topics that he thinks are important.

His current track is about the evolution of a idea. Breaking the process down into seven steps, Relan is keen to stress most ideas don't work. But that's not a bad thing.

"People fixate on idea," he says.

"While only a handful ideas generated at YouWeb have actually turned into companies over the last five years, at least five times as many have been prototyped."

"Don't over-emphasis the idea."

You can read Relan's thoughts at Founder Quorum.

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