Sega Hardlight to switch focus from Vita to smartphones

Swoops for former Codemasters man Lenton

Sega Hardlight to switch focus from Vita to smartphones
Formed at the start of the year, Sega Hardlight – the Japanese giant's UK studio in Solihull – is to shift away from handheld devices to make working on iOS, Android and Windows its priority.

That's according to Develop, which reports the developer has picked up former Codemasters man Sion Lenton to take charge of this new direction, delivering games that utilise Sega's existing IP as well as entirely fresh franchises.

Smart move

Lenton, who previously served as creative director of Codemasters' studio in Southam after a run as project director at Blitz Games, has been named as studio manager.

His first job appears to have been to put its previously announced active adventure title for PS Vita on hold until it determines the "best way to bring it to market."

"We have a huge box of toys to play with and we’ve only just begun to play with them," Lenton said of the newly refocused Hardlight.

"We are starting fairly small, leveraging Sega IP and as former console developers, learning about making games in the digital space. As you see our roadmap develop, you’ll see some more surprising & delighting uses of Sega IP, as well as original IP."

No set projects have been announced, but Hardlight – which has previously provided support on the likes of Sonic Unleashed, Empire: Total War, Bayonetta and Vanquish – currently employs a total of 21 full time staff, and is looking to deliver games on cycles of 4-8 months.

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