Molyneux: Curiosity's monetisation will be 'part of the experiment'

And could be coming soon

Molyneux: Curiosity's monetisation will be 'part of the experiment'
Peter Molyneux has claimed plans to monetise 22Cans' Curiosity – what's inside the cube should be designed as part of the overall experiment, rather than just a means to raise revenue.

Speaking with sister site Pocket Gamer, Molyneux described Curiosity's current set up – devoid of in-app purchases, with tool upgrades instead unlocked by cashing in coins earned through play – as a "pure" experiment.

Once enough data has been gathered with the game in its current form, however, in-app purchases could be built in.

Moving on to monetisation

"I haven't even begun to share the incredible data that has come out of this," said Molyneux.

"We're capturing all the analytical data and we'll share what people are doing with the coins and what they're saving up for and the analysis of how the cube decayed. All of that is just fascinating stuff."

Any monetisation, Molyneux added, will be designed to be more interesting than simply selling virtual currency.

"If we are going to monetise it, it should be part of the experiment and a little bit more meaningful than charging you gold for coins," he added.

"I'm just wondering if there's some more interesting stuff we can do than that. We are experimenting with the nature of a game and so we should experiment with monetisation, as well."


Back in August, Molyneux told that all of 22Cans' experiments could serve as his legacy, with the data each one provides – set to be published – serving as a guide to help studios make better games.

"We're going to release that, it's going to go out there in the world, and every time a surface of the cube is cleared, we can change the game completely," said Molyneux at the time.

"We'll just play around with it – we're going to investigate and explore it.

"That's what we are – we're explorers with this new game play. What the fifth surface of the cube will be, what the the tenth surface will be, I don't know."

In his latest interview with Pocket Gamer, Molyneux added that all of 22Cans' games will likely launch on mobile, given "95 percent of the games I play are on mobile now."

You can read our initial thoughts of Curiosity here.

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