SGN hooks up with Betable for real money gambling

Rolling the dice

SGN hooks up with Betable for real money gambling
Following the likes of Big Fish, Digital Chocolate and Slingo Games, SGN has signed up with mobile betting platform Betable.

The deal will see SGN introducing real money gaming aspects into its casino games, starting in the UK market in early 2013.

"We are excited to offer our users who love our games the ability to 'up the ante' and play for real money," said SGN CEO, Chris DeWolfe.

"As thought leaders and innovators in the game space, our partnership with Betable makes perfect sense. Real money mobile gaming is in the future."

Aces high

Betable, a US company with offices in the UK, offers developers an API which handles the legal processes and licensing fees required to implement real-money gaming.

"Real-money gaming will play a major role in the future success of the online social and mobile gaming space, and Betable's platform will allow SGN to capitalise on an early mover advantage," commented Christopher Griffin, Betable's founder and CEO.

[source: TriplePoint PR]
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