News unveils the top 30 Chinese developers of 2012

The list in full unveils the top 30 Chinese developers of 2012
After a lengthy consultation with the supercomputer, the numbers have been crunched and our full list of the top 30 Chinese mobile developers is now ready for you to peruse, digest, and disagree with.

We've based our list on metrics such as sales performance, critical acclaim of releases, innovation in terms of business approach, and the number and range of titles released on all mobile platforms during 2012.

So here, in reverse order, is the complete list.

Top 30 Chinese developers, numbers 30 to 21

30. Red Infinity

29. HappyLatte

28. Elex Wireless

27. iFree Studio

26. Camel Games

25. CalviGames

24. Lakoo

23. Boyaa Interactive

22. One Click Games

21. NetDragon Websoft

Top 30 Chinese developers, numbers 20 to 11

20. PearlinPalm

19. Wiyun

18. Tencent Games

17. RenRen Games

16. Astepgames

15. Tap4Fun

14. Happy Elements

13. OurPalm

12. Taomee

11. Droidhen

Top 30 Chinese developers, numbers 10 to 1

10. RedAtoms

9. Rekoo

8. Hoolai

7. KongZhong

6. Wistone

5. China Wireless Arts

4. Haypi

3. Chukong/PunchBox

2. Triniti Interactive

1. Digital Cloud

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