Pocket Gems looks to W3i to help replicate iOS success on Android

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Pocket Gems looks to W3i to help replicate iOS success on Android
Following the news of Pocket Gems' move into mobile publishing, the San Francisco studio has also announced an expansion of its partnership with monetisation specialist W3i.

As such, W3i will provide monetisation in two new Android titles from Pocket Gems – Tap Paradise Cove and Campus Life – while continuing to deliver monetisation solutions for all of Pocket Gems' existing Android apps as well.

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It's a move that should also help Pocket Gems standing as a publisher, with the company having stated its intent to deliver "marketing expertise" to developers who come on board.

Both Pocket Gems' Tap Paradise Cove and Campus Life are already monetising well on iOS, currently ranking at 34 and 29 respectively on the US App Store's top grossing games chart.

Replicating this success on Android is the aim, and to this end, W3i will implement its offer exchange feature – a system which enables multiple providers to compete in real-time for Pocket Gems' ad inventory.

Ad units include video and app installations, delivered to the playerbase through offer walls and featured alert interstitials.

It's a system that W3i claims will provide access to the highest-yielding offers for its customer – in this case, Pocket Gems.
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