PlayMesh wasn't a hard enough name says the rebranded Quark Games

Tough get going

PlayMesh wasn't a hard enough name says the rebranded Quark Games
What's in a name? Quite a lot apparently.

Concerned that PlayMesh didn't sound sufficiently hardcore to promote the sort of hardcore games it makes, US mobile developer PlayMesh (as was) has renamed itself Quark Games.

The new name also comes with what looks like a fiery imp logo.

"Our DNA is hardcore and there is an enormous opportunity to bring intensely competitive experiences to people's pockets," said CEO Eric Peng.

"It's time to move mobile games beyond uninspired time sinks and into highly engaging entertainment. Our new brand is a reflection of our dedication and focus to the hardcore category."

As part of the rebrand, the company will sunset its catalog of more casual titles.

Are you hard enough?

This rebranding operation comes as the 'mid-core', 'hardcore' or just plain 'core' segment of the mobile gaming industry - the definitions vary between different companies - prepares for even more competition.

During 2012, Supercell had a big hit with Clash of Clans, as did Kabam with Kingdoms of Camelot.

Not to be outdone, companies such as Kixeye, Industrial Toys, Funzio/GREE, 5th Planet and Wormhole Games, not to mention lots of Chinese and East European online developers are now targeting the same audience.

Still, it will be interesting to see if any of them come up with a game as hardcore as PlayMesh's... ahem Quark's Valor, in which your city can be totally destroyed; the game's only persistent attribute being a player's Paladine Spirit.

Or as game lead Shawn Foust puts it, "I don't have much interest in designing a game where someone doesn't get wrecked."

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