AppGratis: Mobile is 'on FIRE', and app discovery must grow with it

Time to 'push the hyperspace button'

AppGratis: Mobile is 'on FIRE', and app discovery must grow with it
The mobile industry isn't just exploding in the US and Europe – it's happening across the globe, surging at a rate that means even the most stable of businesses are struggling to keep up.

That's according to Simon Dawlat, the man behind app discovery platform AppGratis, who took to the firm's blog to justify the company's $13.5 million funding round by claiming now is the time for businesses to "push the hyperspace button".

Burning hot

"Of course, there’s growth in the west, but Brazil, which we entered 18 month ago is on FIRE," said Dawlat on the AppGratis blog.

"India is on FIRE. Japan is on FIRE. It's not only the US or Europe or some specific place. It's truly global. And what was a nice little fast-growing market when we started back in 2008 is now forecasted to be north of $25bn by 2015.

"The 'mobile wave' has grown into something that looks more like a monster tsunami these days."

Dawlat's post is made in reference to those who have criticised AppGratis for seeking funding, with the AppGratis CEO himself having being a self-proclaimed 'bootstrap evangelist', frequently advising firms to build from the ground up rather than taking external money.

Indeed, AppGratis grew from a simple app recommendation newsletter emailed by Dawlat to his friends.

But the industry has now changed, Dawlat claims, and businesses – particularly those in app discovery – looking to stay ahead need to re-evaluate their options.

Going into hyperspace

"Clearly, market growth is outpacing everyone — and because we still want to be leading this race in the years to come, we felt now was the perfect moment to push the hyperspace button," said Dawlat.

"This can be a costly game, as you know. AppGratis has operations in dozens of markets, from Brazil to Japan, from London to San Francisco to Paris.

"But while our model allows for great centralisation in our Paris HQ, we still need to be in the field, close to the game developers, the studios and the mobile brands. And they’re everywhere.

"We're opening overseas offices this year, and some of Air France's crew members know us by name now. This is one big thing the money is going to go to."

The AppGratis investment comes after Apple began clamping down on certain app promotion services, with many questioning whether some more traditional app discovery tools – free app a day services in particular – still hold weight in a market dominated by free releases.

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