FGOL points to the future as it breaks 50 million downloads

Hungry Shark franchise chomps the charts

FGOL points to the future as it breaks 50 million downloads
One accusation that's sometimes leveled at the press is we're too focused on singular success stories.

When it comes to mobile gaming that can mean all success is measured - and found wanting - against the likes of Angry Birds'1 billion or Cut the Rope's 250 million downloads.

Of course, these outliers are important to highlight how big the business now is, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the more modest successes that demonstrate the depth and scale of the entire business.

That's the context for the news that Future Games of London has hit the 50 million download mark.

Happy new year

It's not a massive number but in terms of the small London indie, it proves the success of its hard work across iOS, Android and the Amazon Appstore.

Formed in 2009, it's released titles such as Pool Bar, Snooker Club and Grabatron, with its most popular franchise being its Hungry Shark games.

"We're thrilled to have achieved over 50 million installs" commented MD Ian Harper

"It's a sign of how big the smartphone tablet market has become, that we can do this in

just three years. We're forecasting even further growth in our year-in-year installs and revenue in 2013".

Indeed, December 2012 was the company's second best month in terms of revenue, with Hungry Shark Evolution gaining 1.5 million downloads on iOS.
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