Games incubator Execution Labs unveils first developer cohort

5 teams receive funding, offices & mentors

Games incubator Execution Labs unveils first developer cohort
Montreal-based mobile games incubator and market accelerator Execution Labs has announced its first cohort of independent developers.

Five teams of Canadian developers– Crankshaft Mobile, Pixel Crucible, Lightning Rod Games, Miscellaneum and Imaginary Games – are joining the program, which will aid them to launch mobile games before being spun out into start up studios.

Execution Labs will provide the developers with seed funding, shared office space, development tools and access to industry mentors such as Xbox co-founder Ed Fries, Fez developer Phil Fish, and Scattered Entertainment GM Ben Cousins.

Blown away

"We were blown away by the number of talented, highly experienced teams who applied to the program, and we couldn't be happier with the teams we've selected," explained Execution Labs co- founder and head of production Alex Normand.

In fact, Execution Labs began accepting applications for its program just two months ago, but was so impressed by the quality of applicants that the program's first cohort is already full.

"We evaluated the applications based on the team first and the game concept second, since success is mostly about the team's ability to execute," Normand concluded.

Other teams can still apply for the Execution Labs program, so long as you're a group of 2-5 interested in creating games for a core/mid-core audience.

Right now, only Canadian teams are eligible for the process, although the program will be opened to international candidates soon.
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