Green Throttle speeds up to launch with pre-orders and games line-up

Atlas controller unconsole prepares to go global

Green Throttle speeds up to launch with pre-orders and games line-up
Green Throttle Games has unveiled a line-up of six games that will be available on its Green Throttle Arena application when its Atlas controller for Android officially launches.

Three of the six games were developed in-house by Green Throttle Games itself – Crystal Swarm, Coral Combat and free demo Fish Tails.

San Francisco-based studio Free Range Games will also bring three titles to Green Throttle's Arena in time for the Atlas controller launch – Blox Party, FreeFall Tournament and APO Snow.

All three have already seen release on Android or iOS.

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Green Throttle Games has also announced that it is accepting pre-orders for the Atlas Controller, which brings mobile gaming to the TV by enabling gamers to use their Android smartphone or tablet as a console.

Consumers who order the two-player bundle for use with the Kindle Fire HD will be charged $89.99 and receive an Amazon gift card for $10.

A single Atlas controller currently carries the pre-order price tag of $39.95, although postage is additional outside of the US.

Developers may be interested to hear that the company recently unveiled new software plug-ins for Unity, Marmalade and the Corona SDK.

You can see our first impressions of how it all works over on

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