Everyplay announced as sponsor of PG Awards 2013

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Everyplay announced as sponsor of PG Awards 2013
Voting in the Pocket Gamer Awards is well under way, with votes pouring in for the games and companies nominated across this year's 16 different categories.

Today, we're pleased to announce that this year's proceedings are being sponsored by the Everyplay mobile gaming network.

Everyplay captures your best mobile gaming moments and allows you to then share them with your friends and the Everyplay gaming community.

Video star

Built into a range of titles, Everyplay automatically records your gameplay; lets you add voice and video comments to the action; and then enables you to share this footage easily with your friends and other game fans.

You can also share this footage with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with a tap of a button.

Plus, you can follow the best players in the world at your favourite games; watch their replays to learn tricks and discover secrets; and find out what new games they're playing.

To find out more about Everyplay and join its community, head on over to To vote for your favourite games in the PG Awards, click here.

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