Chillingo's 100% Indie to open floodgates on 4 March

Samsung the 'perfect partner' for small studios

Chillingo's 100% Indie to open floodgates on 4 March
Unveiled at the start of the month, Chillingo has confirmed its developer program 100% Indie is just days away from launch, offering studios what it believes is unprecedented revenue share.

The venture – run in partnership with Samsung – is designed to help independent developers get their apps onto the market, with titles reviewed for launch on Samsung Apps.

The bonus is, developers who sign up in the first six months will receive 100 percent revenue share until March 2015.

Helping hand

"Samsung continues to diversify the applications we offer on Samsung Apps, and 100% Indie is the latest example of that commitment," said Samsung project manager Juyeon Lee.

"Through 100% Indie, Chillingo is the right partner to help us tap into the creativity of the indie community and ensure we are bringing the best games to Samsung devices around the world."

Once games are reviewed, Chillingo claims, the 100% Indie team will help developers bring their games to Samsung's marketplace, tapping into what Chillingo founder Chris Byatte says is more than a decade of "heritage in the mobile gaming space."

"Making a game is hard. Developers are looking for inspiration and opportunities. 100% Indie is designed to help independent developers take full advantage of these amazing revenue opportunities and bring their games to Samsung Apps," concluded Wee.

More details on how indies can sign up for the program can be found on the 100% Indie website.

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