The key 18 talks you should check out at GDC 2013

What to do while waiting for the parties

The key 18 talks you should check out at GDC 2013
GDC, the biggest gaming show for western developers, is only two weeks away.

But before you book yourself up with back-to-back 20 minute meetings during the five days, maybe you should take some time to consider which conference talks it might be worth attending (always assuming you've paid for the correct ticket, of course).

Or, better still, let point out the talks it considers will be providing expert knowledge and making the headlines.

Monday 25 March

11:15 How to Make an Original F2P Game, David Edery, Daniel Cook et al, Spry Fox

14:20 NimbleDo's & Don'ts, Ian March, NimbleBit

17:05 From Click to Tap: Building Kingdoms of Camelot for Mobile, Michael Li, Kabam

Then head over to the PocketGamer party...

Tuesday 26

10:00 Blood Brothers: How a Japanese Mobile RPG Made It to the Top of the American Charts, Yuji Shimizu and Daigo Sato, DeNA

13:45 Plague Inc: How Its Business Decisions Infected the World, James Vaughan, Ndemic Creations

15:00 Still Kicking: The Viability of Paid Apps in the Era of F2P, Nathan Vella, Capy

Wednesday 27

11:00 FarmVille 2 Postmortem: What Grew Wild & What Withered Away, Wright Bagwell and Mike McCarthy, Zynga

14:00 Kingdom Age by the Numbers: A Postmortem, Aaron Bannin, GREE

15:30 Death to Downloads, Will Harbin, Kixeye

17:00 Cracking the Cross-Platform Challenge: How Candy Crush Saga Became a Smash Hit on Facebook and Mobile, Riccardo Zacconi,

Thursday 28

10:00 How CSR Broke the Mold in Freemium, Jason Avent, Boss Alien

10:35 CSR Racing: Secrets and Lessons, Torsten Reil, NaturalMotion

12:05 The Art of Understanding Social and Mobile Players, Ben Liu, Pocket Gems

13:00 The Future of Mobile Gaming with David Helgason (Unity Technologies), Niccolo De Masi (Glu Mobile), Baudouin Corman (Gameloft)

14:30 Bootstrapping Your Way from 0 to 10M DAU: A First Time CEO's Guide to Growing in Mobile, Perry Tam, Storm8

16:00 Weapons of Mass Disruption: Creating The Drowning, Ben Cousins, DeNA Sweden

Friday 29

11:30 The Prototype That Was Banned from Halfbrick, Luke Muscat, Halfbrick

15:05 Designing the 100+ Characters of Infinity Blade: Establishing Constrained Diversity, Bert Lewis, Epic/Chair

And then, relax....

You can find the full GDC schedule listing here.

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