Big screen to small screen: Disney making massive mobile move with movie line-up

Building brands in your pocket

 Big screen to small screen: Disney making massive mobile move with movie line-up
Over the last few years, Disney has consistently proven itself adept when it comes to marketing movies through mobile games.

The Wreck-it Ralph mobile game, for instance, performed strongly at a 99c pricepoint, while also building awareness for its big-screen counterpart.

Meanwhile, collaborations such as Temple Run: Brave and Monsters, Inc. Run have been successful for Disney and partner developers alike.

Now, in order to promote its forthcoming feature Oz: The Great and Powerful, Disney is using its own mobile portfolio and co-branded games to promote its movie and make some money.

Everything Oz

For instance, Disney's Facebook and iOS hidden-object game Blackwood and Bell has been given a comprehensive Oz makeover, introducing a tie-in chapter to the game and changing its app icon to the Oz logo.

Facebook fashion game Disney Girl City has also been given the Oz treatment.

Blackwood & Bell: Oz The Great and Powerful Edition

More significantly, though, Disney has also revived its relationship with Temple Run developer Imangi Studios.

Previously, the two companies worked together on Temple Run: Brave, and now – just weeks after the release of Temple Run 2 – they've released Temple Run: Oz.

But it's interesting to note that while Temple Run and its successor both found success as free-to-play games, both the Brave and Oz iterations carry a 99c price tag.

Premium pricing has been no obstacle to success so far, though. Temple Run: Oz is currently ranked at #18 in the US App Store's top grossing charts and #1 in the top paid apps chart.

Not mutually exclusive

This suggests that Temple Run: Oz is generating significant revenue on its own, as well as achieving considerable reach in its capacity as a marketing tool.

What's more, once the film is on general release, it seems likely that satisfied moviegoers will be more inclined to try the game too.

In this way, the movie and the game aid the success of one another, and Disney proves itself – once again – to be a dab hand at building brands with mobile games.
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