Quality Index's Top 10 rated iOS and Android games of February 2013

Starring Year Walk, Toy Story: Smash It, Real Racing 3, and more

Quality Index's Top 10 rated iOS and Android games of February 2013
If you were wondering what the best-reviewed iOS and 'droid games on the web last month were, here are the iPhone Quality Index, iPad Quality Index, and Android Quality Index round-ups for February to fill you in.

The iPhone, iPad, and Android Quality Indexes boast over 650,000 reviews (in total) from websites like 148Apps, Pocket Gamer, and AppGamer, and use a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iOS and Android title.

Word up, dawg

Word Up Dog finishes February atop the iPhone Qi game chart, and deservedly so.

This is a completely fresh take on the humble word game, in which you take control of a hip hop-spouting dog (yes, you read that right) and dig for hidden letters.

Coming back down to earth for a second, Cordy 2 plants its feet firmly on the #5 spot.

It follows in the successful footsteps of the original Cordy by serving up yet more sumptuous 3D platforming gameplay.

Finishing this list on a rather more cerebral note, though, we have Puzzle Restorer from Gavina Games.

In this gentle puzzler, you fill in gaps with one continuous line - a sure-fire route to Zen-like calm.

Qi's Top 10 iPhone games of February 2013



Qi rating Reviews
1  Word Up Dog 8.6 3
2  Year Walk 8.5 10
3  Rock Blocker 8.4 4
4  Stardust Hero 8.4 3
5  Cordy 2 8.3 8
6  Spunk and Moxie 8.3 3
7  Pixel People 8.2 12
8  Feast or Famine 8.2 4
9  Puzzle Restorer 8.1 5
10  Syder Arcade HD 8.1 5


Over on the iPad Qi game chart for February, meanwhile, Experimental Gameplay Group's Little Inferno takes the top spot with its highly subversive ways.

What appears at first to be a cute timewaster, you see, soon reveals itself to be a cutting satire of pointless freemium games. Ouch!

Down in sixth place, we have some interstellar multiplayer action in Everplay's Rock Blocker.

It's a retro-tinged twin-stick shooter with some neat same-device co-operative and competitive modes.

Qi's Top 10 iPad games of February 2013



Qi rating Reviews
1  Little Inferno 8.9 8
2  Toy Story: Smash It! 8.6 4
3  Word Up Dog 8.6 3
4  Year Walk 8.5 10
5  Spunk and Moxie 8.5 3
6  Rock Blocker 8.4 4
7  Cordy 2 8.3 8
8  Penumbear 8.3 3
9  Pixel People 8.2 12
10  Feast or Famine 8.2 4


Be patient, Android owners! Your time is now.

Concrete Software's Wordsplosion takes the coveted #1 slot in the Android Qi game chart for February.

It's a bright and breezy word game in which your word-guessing skills go up against the clock. Tick tock. Tick tock. Come on.

Zombie Road Trip, meanwhile, is the latest casual delight from Noodlecake Studios.

Noodlecake's recipe this time? Splice some endless-running gameplay with plenty of zombie-splatting action. Mmmm, tasty.

Finally, Die Hard sneaks in at #10 this month like John McClane skulking through an air vent. Without the vest, mind.

In Fox Digital Entertainment's slick 3D Android shooter, you are dumped right in the middle of your own action movie. Yippee-ki-yay, 'droid gamer!

Qi's Top 10 Android games of February 2013



Qi rating Reviews
1  Wordsplosion 8.7 3
2  Catch The Candy 8.6 3
3  Vector 8.2 5
4  Syder Arcade HD 7.8 3
5  Boardtastic Skateboarding 2 7.7 3
6  Dream House Days 7.7 3
7  Real Racing 3 7.6 3
8  Zombie Road Trip 7.5 5
9  Bloody Epic 6.6 3
10  Die Hard 6.4 5

N.B. While we only display the average score to one decimal place, the lists are generated to further significant figures. We just don't show them all.

And, naturally, these are static graphs based on live listings which are subject to constant change as new releases and reviews emerge.

In order to provide a regular marker of the critical zeitgeist, however, we will continue to round up the best of the iOS and Android games released each month to provide the definitive Quality Index top tens.

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