Ouya is go: Dev portal opens up for launch game submissions

Upload now for launch availability

Ouya is go: Dev portal opens up for launch game submissions
Ouya's head of developer relations Kellee Santiago has announced that the platform's developer portal is now open for Ouya launch game submissions.

As such, any game uploaded now will be available to players once Ouya units begin shipping to Kickstarter backers on 28 March.

Ouya hasn't mentioned any hard-and-fast cut-off point for launch day submissions, suggesting that any game that's submitted – and clears the Ouya review process – before 28 March will be available on day one consoles.


Santiago also explained that Ouya will also be offering promotional opportunities to games submitted before 28 March, including the chance to feature heavily in the marketing campaign for the console's wider public launch.

One such promotion will see the platform holder take the three most-played games during the first six weeks of Ouya availability, and invite their creators to star in a documentary series.

Said short films will chronicle the developers' stories and be used to get the word out about Ouya ahead of its public launch in June 2013.

It's an opportunity for select developers to gain significant exposure, then, and for their games to become the first port of call for Ouya buyers.
You can read the view of's Carter Dotson, who recently watched a presentation by Ouya's founder Julie Uhrman in Chicago, here.

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