Supercell is hiring: Fancy making a move to Helsinki?

Analytics and business intelligence on the agenda

Supercell is hiring: Fancy making a move to Helsinki?
It's rather fitting that, during a week when is paying tribute to the thriving mobile development scene in Helsinki, one of the city's biggest players should announce it's going on the hire.

Supercell – best known for Clash of Clans and Hay Day – is currently looking to fill three new positions at its base in the Finnish city, advertising said jobs on its LinkedIn profile.

Three for all

Up for grabs is the position of director of analyics – who Supercell will be looking to "provide strong leadership and direction" to the team below – a new data scientist role, and the job of business intelligence engineer.

In regards to the data scientist position, Supercell says the winning candidate will "possess both an ability to do independent research and generate insights from large data sets as well as a hands-on attitude of servicing/managing day-to-day data requests and analyses."

Supercell's Clash of Clans

The business intelligence engineer, meanwhile, will take charge of product ownership, user interface design, technical administration tasks and user training.

Wish you were here?

The positions opened up a matter of hours after CEO Ilkka Paananen described Helsinki as "the centre of gravity for the future of games".

"There's a long history of developing great mobile games in Helsinki, and we believe that mobile and particularly tablet are going to emerge as the ultimate game platform," said Paananen as part of our Helsinki week.

"Rovio and Supercell are just two of the many, many companies making mobile games in Helsinki.

"So not only is there already much talent here, but being that centre of gravity also attracts a lot of talent who are moving here from abroad to be part of the shaping of the future of games."

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