Fishlabs Entertainment kicks off major recruitment drive

9 spots hit the jobs board

Fishlabs Entertainment kicks off major recruitment drive
Fishlabs Entertainment is currently seeking artists, developers and analytics specialists to fill nine vacancies in its Hamburg studio - and it's using the jobs board to find them.

The Galaxy on Fire developer is looking for a game UI artist, as well as developers in a number of departments including tools, multiplayer, Java and engine.

Game developers with a "profound knowledge of C++ and Java" are also in demand, and the studio requires an analytics developer with a background in business intelligence and coding skills to boot.

Brand new

Fishlabs is also on the hunt for an account manager for brand games – unsurprising, given the company's strong history with branded games.

Fishlabs developed Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme, for example, which the studio claims is the "most downloaded brand game ever on the Apple App Store."

More recently, Fishlabs formed brand gaming specialist agency Proelios, in a joint venture with Character Communications.

More more more

Last but not least, Fishlabs is recruiting for the position of gameserver architect - Java.

It's a role that will see the successful candidate tasked with developing the architecture for cutting-edge mobile MMOs, and like all of the above vacancies, it's based out of Fishlabs' recently remodelled offices in central Hamburg. 

If you're interested in reading a little more about any of the positions on offer, or want to see some of the other vacancies in the industry right now, take a look at the jobs board.
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