Fuse Powered unveils (almost) free one-stop app publishing platform

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Fuse Powered unveils (almost) free one-stop app publishing platform
Mobile advertising network and publisher Fuse Powered has publicly launched what it's billing as the ultimate one-stop app publishing platform, Fuseboxx 2.0.

The new service has been unveiled for iOS and Android  and wraps up hourly reporting with per-player analytics, user acquisition tracking by source and a 'high paying' ad platform.

What's more, Fuseboxx 2.0 is (almost) free.

Outside the boxx

The platform's tools have been made available to publishers worldwide in exchange for running at least one ad per user session, with the revenue from these ads shared between developer and Fuse Powered.

"Acquiring, retaining and monetising players is a complex process, and cobbling together disparate solutions just doesn't work well enough. Fuseboxx fills the market's glaring need for an integrated, comprehensive mobile publishing solution," said Fuse Powered CEO Jon Walsh.

"The platform has been tested and refined over several years and dozens of app launches, our own and our charter publishers, so we can confidently say Fuseboxx 2.0 will help developers successfully publish top-ranked, profitable apps and mobile games."

Interested developers can find more information on Fuseboxx 2.0 on the Fuse Powered website.
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