A/B optimisation outfit Leanplum expands beta, adds Android, HTML5 support

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A/B optimisation outfit Leanplum expands beta, adds Android, HTML5 support
Following a successful early adopter program, app optimisation outfit Leanplum is extending its beta.

The San Francisco start-up's technology enables companies to better understand and monetise their users with live A/B testing for iOS, and now with additional support for Android and HTML5 apps and games.

As well as its on-the-fly ability to change a game's UI look­-and-­feel, mechanics, or vary promotions, the Leanplum platform also includes an analytics package so developers can easily judge the performance of their tests.

Continuous changes

"We've had tremendous interest from hundreds of new signups for our beta, and we are excited to expand our early adopter program to accommodate this demand, as well as enhance our cross­-platform support", said CEO Momchil Kyurkchiev.

Companies currently working with Leanplum include Big Fish Games, which has been using it for its casino and bingo titles.

"We're excited that we can run new tests quickly and easily and get immediate actionable insight without requiring a data analyst," commented Big Fish VP Carey DiJulio.

"We see big potential for how Leanplum can help increase lifetime value on our titles."

You can find out more about the platform via its website which neatly explains A/B testing.

Leanplum will also be at GDC, and talking during the Google Developer Day on Tuesday 26 March.

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