Unity support bound for PlayStation Mobile, PS Vita

Signs strategic partnership with Sony

Unity support bound for PlayStation Mobile, PS Vita
Adding to its existing support for PlayStation 3, Unity has announced it's signed a strategic partnership with Sony to expand its engine's support across the Japanese giant's platforms.

As part of the deal, Unity is to work with Sony to build out tools for PlayStation Mobile, PS Vita, Sony's yet-to-launch cloud gaming service and – of course – the forthcoming PlayStation 4.

Company CEO David Helgason says work on PlayStation support is "still in the early stages", but tools should begin releasing late in 2013, with a beta layer sometime between now and then.

'A lot of sense'

"Sony Computer Entertainment is really committed to making their platforms approachable to all kinds of developers, so this partnership is going to make a lot of sense for both companies…and a lot of sense for the Unity community," detailed Helgason on the Unity blog.

"They're really focused on bringing the most creative studios, with an emphasis on independent developers, on board their platforms and we are leading the charge to make development awesome for studios of all sizes."

With a strong presence on mobile, Unity is an understandable target for Sony, and could aid the firm in its efforts to bring mobile and mobile-inspired gameplay to its systems, criticised by many for being led by big blockbusters.

It'll be interesting to see whether Microsoft too courts Unity to secure support for any new Xbox hardware.

[source: Unity]

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