Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo Online grossed $106 million last month

$62-86 million from Puzzle & Dragons alone

Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo Online grossed $106 million last month
Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo Online has announced that it generated 10 billion yen in sales during February 2013.

That amounts to roughly $106 million – a figure that's made all the more impressive by virtue of being posted for the shortest month of the year.

Tokyo-based mobile gaming consultant Dr Serkan Toto estimates that Puzzle & Dragons alone probably accounts for between 59 percent and 81 percent of GungHo's total sales.

On this basis, he's suggesting that Puzzle & Dragons grossed somewhere between $62 million and $86 million in February.

On the rise

What's more, Toto expects that figure to increase. After all, the $106 million figure GungHo touts is itself an increase on the $92 million it grossed in January 2013.

And given that Puzzle & Dragons passed the 10 million download mark in early March – only 19 days after passing the 9 million milestone – it seems like likely that GungHo's sales tally for this month will be even more impressive.

How did the company achieve such remarkable success? According to CEO Kazuki Morishita, "It had a lot to do with luck." At least, that's what he told editor-at-large Jon Jordan when the pair talked at GDC.

Buy buy

It's worth noting that the publicly traded developer will soon be a subsidiary of Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank Mobile.

The company is spending $265 million to acquire a majority share in GungHo Online, a deal that will likely be completed in April 2013.

[source: SerkanToto]
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