Rovio: Consumer goods now make up almost half of our revenue

Sales jump 101% to €152.2 million

Rovio: Consumer goods now make up almost half of our revenue
Angry Birds studio Rovio has announced consolidated full year revenue of €152.2 million ($201 million) in 2012, up more than 100 percent on the previous year's tally of €75.6 million ($100 million).

As a result, the privately held company also unveiled net profits of €55.5 million ($73 million), an increase of more than 56 percent against last year's total, €35.4 million ($47 million).

Interestingly, Rovio's largest growth area is its Consumer Products division, which generated three times more revenue in 2012 than in 2011.

In all, while games remain the driving force behind its business, the sale of consumer products now accounts for 45 percent of all of Rovio's revenue.

Use it or lose it

Such revenues naturally resulted in Rovio passing milestones aplenty throughout 2012.

Its suite of games surpassed one billion downloads in May, according to the firm's in-house statistics, and by the year's end, Rovio had 263 million monthly active users across all platforms.

"Rovio has grown from a phenomenon to a very successful global business. In 2010 we set out to build an entertainment company and after last year's performance we are on a strong path to achieve our goal," explained Rovio CEO Mikael Hed.

2012 also saw the Finnish studio increase its headcount from 224 to 518, establish new offices and create a New Business Ventures unit.

Forward-looking statements

Looking to the future, Rovio refers to its animation series, its move into mobile publishing and the inevitable arrival or more Angry Birds releases.

"We have had a stellar start for this year. In addition to our successful games portfolio we recently launched our first Angry Birds Toons series through third-party partners and our own in-game distribution channel," Hed explained.

"We will continue to strengthen our position in the entertainment business through continuing to innovate on our existing brands, exploring creating new IP as well as exploring opportunities with external parties."

[source: Rovio]
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