Developers hungry for mobile and free-to-play, says Game Connection

70 percent developing for iOS

Developers hungry for mobile and free-to-play, says Game Connection
iOS is now the most popular platform among game publishers, and the majority are either actively developing for mobile or looking to enter the space soon.

That's according to the results of the inaugural Game Connection publisher survey, which polled 130 companies across January and February 2013, including Microsoft, SCEA, Tencent, Zynga and Nintendo of America.

Report back

In reporting its findings, Game Connection notes that "the largest publishers […] are also increasingly focused on iOS and Android games."

In fact, 70 percent of respondents are releasing games for iOS, making it the most popular platform among polled publishers.

Publisher interest is only set to increase, too. More than 50 percent of publishers indictaed they will begin publishing iOS or Android games soon, or greatly increase their mobile output.

Free for all

There's also plenty of interest in free-to-play, with 25 percent of respondents claiming that they prefer a free-to-play model. More than two-thirds of those polled expect the model "to evolve in the near future."

"Helping the industry has always been in our DNA. Our industry is growing at a very fast pace, which is why we wanted to provide the latest update on trends with this survey," explained Game Connection CEO Pierre Carde.

The survey was produced in conjunction with Sherpa Games, and its full results are available free of charge to developers from the Game Connection website.
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