Pocket Gems scores 2 million downloads with each of its first 2 published titles

Amazing Ants and Chasing Yello prove popular

Pocket Gems scores 2 million downloads with each of its first 2 published titles
One of the first big social mobile developers, Pocket Gems is now in publisher mode.

The first third-party game it released was Twyngo's Amazing Ants on iOS, which was followed by Dreamfab's Chasing Yello on Android.

And now it's prepared to release some numbers.

Amazing Ants gained 2.2 million downloads in 2 weeks, hitting the #1 on the free apps chart in 36 countries.

And Chasing Yello did slightly better, gaining 2.3 million downloads in 2 weeks.

That said, neither game ranked consistently highly in terms of the all-important top grossing chart.

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Still, the reason for Pocket Gems' move is that with over 100 million downloads across its portfolio of 25 titles, it has plenty of expertise in terms of design, cross-promotional marketing, analytics, QA and especially in terms of ongoing game operations.

Certainly, given that Amazing Ants was Twyngo debut, it's unlikely the US start-up would have experienced such success from the get-go.

"Pocket Gems was instrumental in helping us see the benefit of the freemium model," said Twyngo CEO Unni Narayanan.

"They really understand the value of customer retention and longer term monetisation strategies."

Developers interested in working with Pocket Gems can get more information via its publishing page.

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