Have you nominated your Android game for the Best App Ever Awards?

Only a few days left

Have you nominated your Android game for the Best App Ever Awards?
We all love to win. We all like to tower over the competition, to reign victorious over our equals for a moment, standing in the sun as the champion of the day.

But with competitive events of all kinds, as everyone well knows: you have to be in it to win it.

So, this is both your final gentle nudge in the direction of the Best App Ever Awards for Android, and a last reminder that the competition is still open and taking nominations for apps and games.

Time is running out

That being said, this process finishes in just a couple of days, with doors shutting for new submissions on the 20th April, so if you want to grab this opportunity for recognition from one of the most prestigious mobile software awards in the industry, you need to be quick.

So click here to get nominating your app or game, follow the simple instructions on the site (it should take no more than two minutes to do), to ensure that you're not left out come voting time.

While you're there, make sure to slap a lovely big 'like' on the Facebook page, and follow the Twitter account too, so that you're the first to know when voting commences.

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