Were you snapped at the PG Mobile Mixer in San Francisco?

Rocking with CocoaChina and GREE

Were you snapped at the PG Mobile Mixer in San Francisco?
There's this song I think we all love which, I feel, has something to teach us all: the camera never lies.

We had a camera at the PG Mobile Mixer with a professional behind it (thanks Avery Wong photography), taking loads and loads of shots, and it honestly looks like attendees were having a whole heap of fun.

Mixing it up

Taking place at 111 Minna in San Francisco, the mixer was a blend of compelling panels and discussions about mobile software, laid back networking, and good old fashioned partying.

Thanks to our lovely sponsors CocoaChina - providing all your publishing needs in China - and GREE, who are looking for cool new employees. 

More thanks to our director of PR Martine Paris for organising, helped ably by 148Apps EIC Jeff Scott and our US sale exec Chloe Guisti. 

Oh, and not forgetting our panellists DeNA's Barry Dorf, Game Insight's Darya Trushkina and Chillingo's Levi Buchanan.

And the cool DJ R3Y GUTI3RR3Z and the GrilledCheezyGuy...

Let's do it all again on 21 May with Immersion and GREE, and chill SOUNDS BY R3Y. Details here.

Head on over to our Facebook page for the complete set.

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