BlueStacks announces subscription-based Android GamePop unconsole

The Netflix for Android games?

BlueStacks announces subscription-based Android GamePop unconsole
The Ouya just can't catch a break.

After announcing a delay for its US retail launch, the Android unconsole is set to face competition from a newcomer to the market: BlueStacks' GamePop.

Known from bringing Android apps to PCs and Macs, BlueStacks' new aim is to bring Android games to the living room and it's hoping to entice customers with the GamePop by providing the console and a controller free-of-charge for the month of May.

BlueStacks claims that the GamePop has over 500 games in its library - but, intriguingly, consumers won't have to purchase them in order to play them.

Instead, customers must pay a monthly $6.99 subscription fee to access GamePop's library which it plans to constantly update.

Battle for the living room

This monthly subscription fee must be paid in a yearly increment, so the upfront cost for the GamePop is $83.88 plus $9.99 shipping.

When added together, these two costs total $93.83 - or, $6.16 cheaper than the Ouya's retail price.

After May, however, consumers will need to purchase the GamePop console for an unspecified price in addition to paying the monthly subscription fee.

This appears to be only for US residents though, with European pre-orders expected at some point during the Winter. 

While the cost of the GamePop will no doubt sway the decision of many looking to purchase an Android unconsole, it will be interesting to see if the subscription model wins out over individual app pricing.

Finally, BlueStacks isn't sharing GamePop's specs just yet but it's confirmed to run Android 4.2 - just like the Ouya.

If you'd like to find out more about the GamePop, visit BlueStacks' site.

[source: Engadget]

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jon jordan
I notice we don't really get a good look at the controller do we? Wonder if it will support other Android controllers like Green Throttle, MOGA etc?