Infinity and beyond: Spacetime Studios exceeds 250 million play sessions

That's 7,000 of your earth years

Infinity and beyond: Spacetime Studios exceeds 250 million play sessions
Spacetime Studios has passed a major milestone - exceededing 250 million play sessions.

This works out at 228,270 sessions daily, with 64 million in-game hours racked up. 

The Austin-based indie studio - and three-time Top 50 developer - began launching mobile multiplayer titles in 2010 with Pocket Legends.

Since then, Spacetime has released three other 'legends' games (Star Legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends), which combined have been downloaded over 20 million times across iOS and Android.

Legendary performance

Speaking on the subject of the 250 million play session milestone, Spacetime's CEO Gary Gattis was focused less on the numbers and more on what they represented.

"A quarter of a billion play sessions is a significant milestone, but what really excites us is the engagement," he said. 

Gattis is right to be excited by player engagement with Spacetime titles, as the average Spacetime player logs a reported 33.5 hours per month, or 66 minutes per day.

These numbers are well ahead of the Arbition Mobile's estimates for the total monthly playtime of iOS and Android mobile gamers (12.3 hours and 8.06, respectively), and are likely part of the reason why Spacetime was awarded Top Developer status on Google Play in 2012.

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