Rising Robot: Mobage generated 48% of its $10.7 million US April revenue via Google Play

Distimo points to growing app store parity

Rising Robot: Mobage generated 48% of its $10.7 million US April revenue via Google Play

As we've pointed out in several of our Charticles, DeNA's Mobage platform increasingly leads on Android, both in terms of game tweaking and monetisation.

Market intelligence outfit Distimo has been delving into the numbers too.

"Mobage is a good example of a developer who generated more or at least an equal amount of revenue in Google Play compared to the Apple App Store in most countries," it notes in its new whitepaper.

And this isn't just in South Korea and Japan. It's also happening in the US, too.

US growth path

Distimo looks specifically at two Mobage titles: Blood Brothers and Rage of Bahamut.

In terms of store splits, Rage of Bahamut generated 56 percent of the $2.3 million it made in the US during April from the App Store, and 44 percent from Google Play.

For Blood Brothers, 61 percent of its $1.8 million generated came from Google Play, while 39 percent from App Store.

You can read our Charticle on Blood Brothers here

Across all of Mobage's games, the split in April was 52 percent App Store and 48 percent Google Play.

In total across all games, it generated $10.7 million in the US.

This matches DeNA's recent financial report that said it made around $70 million outside of Japan between January and March 2013.

Apple still leading

Distimo also looked at Gameloft's World of Arms and Square Enix's Final Fantasy III.

World of Arms monetises better on Google Play in the UK, Germany, Spain, Finland and Ireland, amongst others.

In terms of Final Fantasy III - a $15.99 paid game - it generated 73 percent of its admittedly small $130,000 global revenue in April via Google Play.

Of course, also all apps, the Apple App Store still generates more revenue globally.

Distimo estimates Apple accounts for 73 percent of the market, with 27 percent for Google Play.

You can read the full report on the Distimo website.

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