Immersion shakes things up, adds SDK support via Unity, Marmalade and GameMaker

Give your Android games more feeling

Immersion shakes things up, adds SDK support via Unity, Marmalade and GameMaker

It's already in over 600 Android apps and games and now haptics outfit Immersion is looking to open the floodgates.

It's just announced its SDK is integrated into GameMaker: Studio as well as being available as a plug-in for Unity and Marmalade middleware.

The technology has already been used by publishers like Sega, Rockstar Games and Gamevil.

Rumble in the phone

"Our library of gaming effects includes pre-designed haptics for a broad range of use cases, from action effects, like explosions and collisions to UI effects, such as select confirmation or textures," explained Suzanne Nguyen, Immersion's director of developer marketing.

"We make the design and integration of haptics as easy as possible, and now we are empowering developers to access our haptic effect library directly from their favourite development environment."

Immersion's haptic technology works on all Android devices, and is automatically turned off when ported to games for other OS types.

Provided resources include the Haptic SDK for native application development, the Haptic Studio tool for custom effect design, sample code, quickstart guides, and a technology forum.

You can check it out via its developer web site.

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