Tapjoy restructing results in reported 10% workforce cull

All about being more 'competitive'

Tapjoy restructing results in reported 10% workforce cull
Adding to what's been a tempestuous year for Tapjoy - ex-EA CFO Warren C. Jenson and Jeff Drobick having joined the firm - the company has just announced a major round of layoffs.

Although Tapjoy isn't disclosing the exact number of employees it's letting go, the number is sitting at a reported 20 - which is almost 10 percent of its total headcount.

Taking the axe

Speaking on the restructuring, Tapjoy's vice president of global communications, Patrick Seybold, noted that there "have been some reductions across the company" that were made to "better align our organisation with our business plan and strategic direction."

Ultimately, Seybold and Tapjoy both feel that the moves will "make us more competitive, productive and will enhance our ability to bring innovative products to market."

"The changes are intended to address velocity of getting products to market, product quality and scaling the company's core infrastructure for continued growth," concluded Seybold.

This news follows closely on the heels of Zynga's rather larger downsizing exercise that will see 520 employees - or 18 percent of its workfoce - laid off, as well the reported shuttering of OMGPOP, the studio behind Draw Something.

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