Kiip announces its Build Fund 2013 winners

The 10 developers splitting $100,000

Kiip announces its Build Fund 2013 winners
Now into its second year, real-world rewards platform Kiip has announced the winners of its Build competition.

Operating under the title 'Creation', it was open to independent developers of apps and games to demonstrate 'category-defining inspiration'.

Each winner receives $10,000 in cash and $5,000-worth of services from Kiip's partners; Parse, Urban Airship, Amazon Web Services, Crittercism, Localytics and Pepsi's Propel.

The winners

"With more than 300 applications, we were again amazed by the overwhelming response to Build Fund," said Kiip CEO Brian Wong.

"In addition to super addicting games, we're very excited for a wide range of apps in fitness, sports, and even art - to be in the winners circle this year."

Around the World, from 90 Nine Cents

Around the World tracks your walking distance and gives you goals as if you were traveling the world virtually.

Butterfly Sky from Funday Factory

Butterfly Sky is an endless jumper game that requires players to bounce "Brian" off clouds to catch butterflies.

Canvsly from Canvsly

Canvsly lets you capture, organise, share and cherish your child's artwork.

Daily Yoga from Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a coaching app that provides dynamic yoga sessions via HD videos. It's like attending a real yoga class whenever you want!

Gravitations from JLOOP

Gravitations is a space and gravity-themed puzzle game where all of the missions are created by players. Plot your ship's course to successfully reach the goal station while dodging obstacles and saving lost astronauts along the way.

Jewel Pirates from Sparkling Labs

Jewel Pirates is a match-3 game that offers challenging puzzles within an adventurous and explorative set.

Maximus from Mooff Games (iTunes link)

Maximus brings you high-tempo ARPG action, inspired by the golden hack 'n slash era of arcade gaming.

Pocket Fantasy from Pocket Fantasy

Pocket Fantasy is a home for all your fantasy sports teams.

Swap Drop Poker from Pixel Dash Studios

Swap Drop Poker is a poker-themed variation of match-3 games.

Wake Alarm from Tiny Hearts Limited

Wake Alarm is a beautiful and innovative alarm for iPhone. Slap to snooze, flip your phone over to turn off alarms or shake to wake.

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