Nextpeer brings its iOS multiplayer SDK to Android for cross-platform play

Leveraging a network of 15 million unique users

Nextpeer brings its iOS multiplayer SDK to Android for cross-platform play
Tel Aviv-based mobile multiplayer platform Nextpeer announced it's rolling out an Android version of its popular service.

Nextpeer got its start on the App Store, where it allowed iOS developers to easily integrate synchronous tournaments based on high-scores and user activity.

Currently 2,000 iOS games support the technology. 

Now that Android is powering past Apple across the globe, Nextpeer's hoping to attract more developers and gamers to its platform.

Facing a challenge

But Nextpeer's not planning to leave its iOS adapters behind.

Once the Android version of Nextpeer rolls out, developers will be able to create cross-platform tournaments which will allow iOS and Android players to play against each other - assuming that the game in question supports both platforms.

With more than 15 million unique users and 10 million monthly active users already in its network, Nextpeer will bring plenty of competition to the players of the 100 planned games on Android that are pending integration.

Of course, the Nextpeer SDK will remain free of charge even once it crosses over to Google Play.

Developers interested in learning more can visit the Nextpeer website for more detailed information.

You can also get an idea how the system works in the following video of the integration in Tactile Entertainment's Chasing Yello Friends.

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