F2P Summit 2013 to highlight the psychology of free-to-play

Berni Good to unpick the p(l)ayers' mind

F2P Summit 2013 to highlight the psychology of free-to-play
I'm a big fan of the impact that psychology can have when it comes to free-to-play gaming.

And thankfully I'm not alone, as will be apparent in the F2P Summit, which is happening in London on 10 October.

One of the speakers is cyber-psychologist Berni Good, who will consider current academic research and how it can be applied to our industry.

Notably, she will talk about the value perception of purchasing virtual goods, and look at the key components that drive this, including the roles of jealousy and envy.

Good examples

More good advice will be provided by consultant Nicholas Lovell, who is talking the subject 'From Triple-A to F2P: 10 common mistakes and how to fix them'.

The third announced speaker (to-date) is Mark Robinson. The co-founder of Game Analytics will be uses real world case studies to highlight the sort of improvements in retention and revenue that developers can experience when they follow best practises.

The F2P Summit will be held at RichMix in East London.

If you register by 18 September, you'll get the early bird pricing of £195 + VAT.

Find out more details here.
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jon jordan
Not sure. Sometimes the talks are posted online after the event
Darius Tan
Is there supposed to be an article? Would love to learn more :)