Sony launches Third Party Production to bring established IP to its devices

Aimed at ports and localisations

Sony launches Third Party Production to bring established IP to its devices
Sony has announced the addition of a new Third Party Production team to its existing Third Party Relations branch of the PlayStation family.

The Third Party Production team's main focus is bringing existing intellectual property to PlayStation platforms - PS3, PS4 and Ps Vita - as such, it will concentrate heavily on ports and localisations.

A post on The PlayStation Blog revealed that the Third Party Production's first project is the PS Vita port of Borderlands 2, which Sony announced at Gamescom.

Third time's the charm

The announcement of the Third Party Production team is another chapter in Sony's ongoing effort to bring new IP to its PlayStation gaming ecosystem.

In 2011, Sony unveiled the $20 million Pub Fund aimed at helping small indie studios port and publish their games on the PlayStation Network.

Almost two years after Sony announced the Pub Fund, it unveiled a new Indie Games category on the PlayStation Store to highlight indie games and help in their discovery.

The Third Party Production team's director, Gio Corsi, didn't announce any additional projects that the team might be working on, but he promised to keep the Sony faithful updated as new games announcements become available.

[source: PlayStation Blog]

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