Corona and PlayHaven come together to help devs monetise and engage their users

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Corona and PlayHaven come together to help devs monetise and engage their users
Corona Labs and PlayHaven have announced a new partnership that brings the latter's acquisition, engagement and monetisation solution to Corona's SDK.

The partnership is aimed at making user management easier for developers on Corona, who can now use PlayHaven's business engine to engage users at every point in their lifecycle.

The PlayHaven plugin, which requires only a few lines of code for implementation, also allows Corona developers to create highly-targeted marketing campaigns from a single web dashboard.

Stay on target

Speaking on the partnership, Charles Yim underscored how important targeted engagement is in the modern ever-expanding world of mobile.

"As app stores become increasingly competitive, it's our mission to give developers the tools they need to build a sustainable business while also giving them the freedom to access our business engine in whichever development environment they choose," offered Yim.

Corona Labs' COO David Rangel, meanwhile, cut right to the point, noting that PlayHaven "offers game developers a comprehensive toolset to improve app marketing and generate more revenue."

If you're interested in downloading the PlayHaven plugin for your Corona build, you can access it directly from Corona's site.

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