Tapjoy extends its value exchange model with interactive video units

Brand experiences to be improved

Tapjoy extends its value exchange model with interactive video units
Incentivised actions remain an important part of mobile marketing campaigns.

Meanwhile, video advertising has been the fastest growing mobile ad sector.

How about combining the two? That's the thinking behind the new products from Tapjoy.

It's just announced its immersive Rich Media and Video Plus ad units.

Moving the target

The Rich Media part enables advertisers to better customise their 'brand story' (that's marketing talk for advert), including using mini-games, 360 degree product reviews etc.

This interaction can then be combined with appropriate direct actions such as getting a quote or finding a store location.

The Video Plus unit is also designed to improve what Tapjoy calls the "post-view conversion" experience via a customisable end-frame image, which allows for secondary actions like visiting a website.

Both products can be combined or used separately.

"Consumers will have a stronger experience with your brand if you can create an engaging experience for them, and that is precisely why we are bringing Tapjoy Rich Media and Tapjoy Video Plus to market," said Tapjoy's chief marketing officer Peter Dille.

""The combination of our new video products, rewarded rich media and customizable secondary screens provides a tremendous engagement platform for brands to connect with consumers."

Tapjoy now has a reach of more than 435 million mobile users each month.

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