Chart of the Week: One reason you should consider video-sharing in your game

The most engaged players spend the most

Chart of the Week: One reason you should consider video-sharing in your game
In August, market research outfit EEDAR released its Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming 2013 study.

It's lifted the lid on the activities on North American active mobile gamers, particularly in terms of their attitudes to spending.

One significant benchmark it revealed is that the average North American mobile gamer spends $2.30 per month on mobile games.

Look at me

That's the average so there's plenty of upside - and those are the gamers developers want playing their games.

But how to get them?

Well, that's the $1 million-a-day question, but one way of looking at the issue is to reverse it.

EEDAR has some figures about the spending power of the most engaged players - those who talk about the games they're playing to their friends, who review games on app stores, and who post video replays.

Of course, adding a video replay feature to your game won't get you those players - that really is reversing the causality.

But the research does suggest a positive correlation between engaged players who like to inform others (aka showing off), and the amount of cash they will spend.

So, if nothing else, focusing on ensuring your game has plenty of engaging gameplay players can promote seems to be a good conclusion.
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