Supercell set to launch Clash of Clans beta on Android

But developer gives no official word

Supercell set to launch Clash of Clans beta on Android
Finnish developer Supercell has quietly rolled out a beta version of iOS juggernaut Clash of Clans on Android.

The news was broken by self-styled Clash of Clans 'commentator' and YouTube poster 'Chief Pat', who claims he received word of the beat from Supercell community manager Stephen Rosenshein.

Pat spoke to Rosenhein at a recent event by the developer in San Francisco, with the Supercell man claiming that Clash of Clans on Android had entered beta phase.

Quietly does it
Clash of Clans, which has consistently been one of the top grossing games on iOS since launch, hit Apple's platform over a year ago, back in August 2012.

Indeed, the following April saw Supercell reveal that, combined with Hay Day, Clash of Clans was pulling in $2.4 million a day in revenue.

Many forum users have already commented on the announcement, and expressed their confusion as to why a company of Supercell's standing would reveal something as important as a new platform, so furtively.

Supercell is still yet to officially announce details regarding an Android beta, or whether this will be a public or an internal beta.

We've reached out to Supercell and will update if we hear anything.

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