Mario hits Microsoft: Rogue Nintendo apps flood onto the Windows Store

Unlicensed IP run riot

Mario hits Microsoft: Rogue Nintendo apps flood onto the Windows Store

With the Windows Store having surpassed 100,000 apps, calls are now falling upon Microsoft to clamp down on what appears to be a growing number of rogue games cluttering up the marketplace.

As Boy Genius Report reveals, there has been a recent spate of games hitting the Windows Store that break the marketplace's rules, tapping into some of Nintendo's biggest IP without permission.

Some of the most notable examples include Mario Jump!, Pokemon Attack!, and Bowser Town Defense by Tofuwalrus, and Daniel Yesuron's Yoshijump.

Attack of the clones

In addition borrowing Nintendo's IP without license, App Annie reports that two of these apps - Mario Jump! and YoshiJump – have even made it into the higher echelons of the store's top new apps rankings, commanding the third and fourth spots respectively.

Pokemon Attack!

The news is surprising, if only because it's over a year since Microsoft's Todd Brix revealed that the firm would take a harder line on developers who disregard the rules for quality apps on the marketplace's close cousin, the Windows Phone Store.

We've contacted Microsoft for its take on the story.

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