What's in an office? Nokia's Espoo HQ to become Microsoft site in 2014

While Nokia shuffles to Karaportti

What's in an office? Nokia's Espoo HQ to become Microsoft site in 2014

If you need a clear symbol that Microsoft's buyout of Nokia is complete, you need look no farther than the Finnish real estate market.

Microsoft has announced that it's planning to move into Nokia's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, deposing the Finnish mobile giant from its former home.

For the 32,000 employees transferring from Nokia to Microsoft, of course, the change is largely symbolic as they'll be staying put.

Those who aren't coming into the Microsoft fold will leave the Espoo headquarters to set up shop in a Nokia-owned building in Karaportti.

Security deposit

Although Microsoft's $7.2 billion (€5.44 billion) buyout of Nokia's mobile division is still pending all necessary approvals, it was given the green light by Nokia shareholders on 19 November.

Speaking to TechCrunch, a Nokia rep said that Espoo's transformation to a Microsoft location should take place within a few months.

Microsoft's new home in Espoo

"The vast majority of people in the building are working on Devices & Services related activities, so the building will become a Microsoft site," detailed the company.

"This is still targeted to be finalised in Q1 2014."

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