$60,000 on offer for devs as YoYo launches Tizen development competition

Big cash for the best of the best

$60,000 on offer for devs as YoYo launches Tizen development competition

GameMaker: Studio creator YoYo Games has just unveiled a new initiative designed to increase development support for Samsung's forthcoming operating system Tizen.

As billed, Tizen Game Drive will offer a combined total of $60,000 in cash prizes, with entrants set to publish in time for the platform's launch in early 2014 immediately qualified for forty randomly-selected $1,000 cash prizes.

The top prizes, however, aren't being left to chance.

The games will be judged on their graphics, audio, controls, gameplay, and fun. The ultimate winner will receive $10,000, two runners-up will get $2,500, and five more top picks will be awarded $1,000.

"Enticing developers"

YoYo Games has been keen to ensure the process of developing for Tizen using its toolset is as streamlined as possible, making the Tizen export module freely available for all GameMaker: Studio users.

"We were inspired to develop the Tizen Game Drive to encourage aspiring developers and seasoned veterans within the GameMaker: Studio development community to see for themselves how easy it is to publish games to the Tizen platform," said head of production and partnerships at YoYo, Stuart Poole.

"It's our way of giving back to our community and enticing developers to take advantage the opportunity to be involved with an exciting new mobile ecosystem at launch."

For more information on YoYo's Tizen Game Drive, and details of how to enter, visit the official promo page. If you're unsure where to begin with Tizen, then hit the GameMaker: Studio Knowledge Base for tutorials.

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