The return of HTML5: Nickelodeon throws weight behind platform with Ludei deal

HTML5 gaming to be built into Android app

The return of HTML5:  Nickelodeon throws weight behind platform with Ludei deal

App development platform Ludei has given a shot in the arm to HTML5, revealing that Nickelodeon is set to add HTML5 game features to it Nick App for Android.

By utilising Ludei's CocoonJS technology, Nickelodeon hope to significantly, and consistently, improve the performance of the games in its Emmy Award-winning Nick App.

Looking beyond the specifics of the apps, however, Ludei is keen to bill the news as a sign that major players are beginning to take HTML5 seriously.

"Technologies like HTML5 allow us to create games and content that are playable across multiple platforms," said VP of engineering at Nickelodeon Group, Dhimiter Bozo.

"Performance is a key metric for Nickelodeon and is a goal we aim for with every game. Ludei's easy-to-use solution will help us deliver a consistent gaming experience in our Android app."

HTML5 on the rise

Nickelodeon isn't the only company utilising CocoonJS, with more than 10,000 developers - including three of the top 20 game publishers in the world - utilising the system to power HTML5 applications.

Indeed, over 600 games have been published using CocoonJS, and it seems that the ability to code once before publishing to every store is one that developers are relishing.

"Nickelodeon's use of HTML5 technology is another example that HTML5 is ready for prime time and Ludei's technology will be instrumental in powering HTML5 game deployment," said Eneko Knorr, CEO of Ludei.

"Nickelodeon's focus on HTML5 technology for its game development strategy is a big vote of confidence for HTML5 and its ecosystem.

"It looks like 2014 will be a big year for HTML5, and engagements like this one further underscore Ludei's role driving the mobile HTML5 app development industry."

It's certainly the case that developers are beginning to turn their attention back to HTML5, with Hamster Hunter's Andrey Kovalishin recently claiming on these pages that "it's a no brainer to dip your toes into HTML5 development."


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