Amazon now allows players to give Amazon Coins as a gift

Unwrap some virtual currency this Christmas

Amazon now allows players to give Amazon Coins as a gift

Amazon has announced its proprietary platform-wide virtual currency system, Amazon Coins, can now be sent as a gift.

The process for purchasing is simple - a user need only purchase a bundle of Amazon Coins, denote them as a gift, and the recipient receives an email that the Coins are ready to be spent on games, apps, and IAPs.

To provide consumers with an incentive to send Coins to fellow Amazon App Store gamers, Amazon's launched a promotional sale which provides savings of up to 20 percent on Coins bundles through 5 January.

Nickel and dime

Speaking on the now-giftable Coins, Amazon's vice president of apps and games Mike George underscored their versatility.

"We know that during the holidays finding that perfect gift can be hard. So, we’re making it easy for you to give the game-playing kids or app-savvy friends and family in your life just what they want - great apps and games to use on their phones and tablets.

"And remember, if you are a Kindle Fire owner, we automatically deposited 500 Coins in your account. So, if you haven’t used them yet, happy shopping."

Amazon launched the Coins program in the United States back in May, and then launched the currency system in the UK and Germany at the end of November.

Recently, App Annie and IDC Portable named Amazon's Kindle Fire the most popular Android gaming tablet in the United States.

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