LG's webOS set to resurface at CES

Back from the brink

LG's webOS set to resurface at CES

It's been almost a year since LG bought the webOS project from HP, and reports now suggest that the firm is preparing to show what it's done with the project in a few weeks time at CES.

According to ZDNet Korea, LG officials have revealed to investors that the platform will be launched at CES in two weeks time.

It's also been suggested that the firm is preparing to throw its weight behind Palm's Enyo open-source JavaScript development framework, a move it hopes will make the new system more attractive to third party developers.

Smart acquisition

LG acquired the open-source OS from HP - the US tech giant having previously used the system to power its short lived TouchPad device - with the intention of using it to improve its stake in the smart TV market.

HP's webOS powered TouchPad

It was Palm, however, that first created the platform, plugging it into its range of Palm Pre handsets - criticially acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful.

LG will be hoping that its new webOS devices will be met with huge amounts of consumer interest, as the firm looks to kick start a power shift in order to gain ground on rivals Samsung.

[Source: ZDNet Korea]

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